The word “turnt” is used quite a lot by my friends and I in a joking manner whenever we’re ready to start having fun. Here recently my friends and I went out for a friends birthday at a club in Louisville and I’m positive that the word “turnt” was used multiple times that night. I think to most people they understand what it means but when I talk to someone in their 30’s and above they just don’t get it. I understand why but it’s a new word and a new time. There are words that have been made up back when they were teenagers that are now used all the time. When my friends and I say it, it starts laughter and fun and the fact that a word can do that I think is pretty cool. Stay #turnt.

I would say I do ok…

…at being a writer. I wouldn’t say that I’m the best writer there is but for the most part when I have a paper to write I do well. I don’t really like having an opinion when it comes to most things so when I have to write a paper about something it’s hard for me. When I do have an opinion though, I can explain how I feel in a short amount of words so when I have a certain amount of pages/words that I have to write it gets hard for me. Writing isn’t my favorite thing to do but maybe that’ll change.